Safe Abortion

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Medical Abortion

Safe abortion is when a pregnancy is terminated before it results into a child. The pregnancy can be terminated using Abortion pills and this type of abortion procedure is known as a medical Abortion.

A medical abortion involves taking two types of abortion pills Miso n Mife respectively. The combination of these two pills will end the pregnancy same day without any complications.

Choices abortion clinic offers this type of abortion procedure starting from R499 including womb cleaning.


Surgical Abortion

A surgical abortion involves the pregnancy being removed through the vagina using a suction method. This procedure is done depending on how many weeks your pregnancy is and your medical history.


Safe Abortion Procedures

Safe Abortion procedures are very safe and effective as long as there are performed by qualified personnel with enough experience in terminating pregnancies.

On arrival at the clinic, a private medical consultation with a doctor and often a nurse as well will be conducted, pregnancy test done and information about the methods of abortion to be used will be discussed with you in advance.

After you made an informed decision about the best abortion method for you, we shall tell you how to take care of yourself after the abortion which is termed as post-abortion care.

Safe Abortion After-Care

It is important to look after yourself after under going a safe abortion procedure to avoid the risk of infection

We always offer antibiotics and pain medication to our patients and we encourage you to take all the medication as instructed by the doctor.

Use ordinary sanitary pads to keep track of your bleeding and we recommend doing so until your next period.

Avoid taking baths for the first 48 hours after the procedure and please use fragrance-free soap and water to avoid chances of getting infection.

Drink plenty of water and fluids and avoid any strenuous activity like sports or heavy physical work, until you feel ready and fit to resume.

How to receive your abortion pills by post.

Choices Women’s Clinic is passionate about delivering safe abortion pills and instructions to women considering this option.

Should you prefer  to have the abortion procedure done in the comfort of your own home under the supervision of a doctor feel free to contact us. We shall confidentially send them in a sealed parcel delivered by a courier company.

Our clinics will still remain open for anyone who  prefers, to receive face-to-face care.

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