Choices Womens Clinic

Legal Reproductive Health Clinic in Johannesburg

How we can help

Choices Womens Clinic offers comprehensive reproductive health services within the context of responsible family planning and legal freedom of choice on Termination of Pregnancy.

We offer Safe Abortions, Pregnancy & Hiv Testing, Treatment of STD’s and all Family Planning methods 

Our medical staff are well trained and will give you all the information needed to make an informed decision. Feel free to contact us Monday – Sunday, 7AM – 12PM

  • Call:- 073 146 7822

Safe Abortion

Choices Womens Clinic specialises in performing safe abortions also known termination of pregnancy according to the Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1996 (Act No 92 of 1996)

We strongly believe that every woman has the right to choose what right for her body, so depending on the stage of the pregnancy, abortion pills ( Medical Abortion ) or other options ( Surgical abortions ) may be the right choice for you. Our Clinic in Johannesburg offers two types of safe abortion procedures

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Why Choose us

We deliver client satisfaction equal to or above client expectations


We inform you about your legal right of choice on terminating the pregnancy.

24x7 Support

We do follow up and perform check-ups on the health as required.


We guarantee your rights to confidentiality. All personal information remains private


We orientate and empower women of their reproductive health rights

Patient Testimonials

“..i was nervous when i arrived at the clinic but the friendly staff there was able to walk me through the procedure I will make sure that all my friends and family (if they get a problem like mine) come here to solve their problems. Its safe and clean!” ."