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Choices Women’s Clinic in Johannesburg is a certified reproductive health clinic offering responsible family planning and same day safe abortion services.

We offer medical and surgical abortion procedures at affordable prices so women seeking termination of pregnancy services can contact us Monday – sunday 8am – 6pm.

Student Discounts available.


Pregnancy Termination

pregnancies can only be terminated by legal abortion providers in certified abortion clinics according to the Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1996 (Act No 92 of 1996)

A pregnancy test or ultrasound will be done to confirm the pregnancy, counselling and post-abortion also provided so that you may make informed decisions . It is your legal right to end a pregnancy in its first or second trimester without anyone judging you because we strongly believe that every woman has a right to choose what is right for her body.

You may either choose to have a medical abortion procedure, This is when an abortion-pill will be swallowed in order to end the pregnancy.  Two types of abortion tablets must be use respectively to cause miscarriage. This process can either be done at the clinic or you request abortion pills to be delivered to you and have it done in your own privacy at home without any complication.  

The second method to terminate is by performing a surgical abortion procedure. The cervix will be opened to empty the uterus. vacuum aspiration or dilation.  

Our trained medical staff  will assist you in making informed decisions. 

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Why Choose us

We are a registered  Abortion clinic established in 2005 with a goal of providing women with confidential, dignified and compassionate reproductive health care. 


Our counselling sessions are conducted in a private and confidential environment to help you speak freely about your feelings and concerns.

24x7 Support

We advise our patients about planned parenthood contraception do follow up and perform check-ups on the health as required.


We guarantee your rights to confidentiality. All personal information remains private

Free Checkups

Prior to the abortion, you will receive a detailed sheet of aftercare instructions. Afterward, we will provide you with medication, ask you to contact us if you experience symptoms of a potential problem, and explain the importance of rest, good nutrition and emotional support. You can expect the symptoms of pregnancy to disappear by the third or fourth day following your abortion. Breast tenderness, queasy stomach, tiredness and frequent urination persist,

Patient Testimonials

“..i was nervous when i arrived at the clinic but the friendly staff there was able to walk me through the procedure I will make sure that all my friends and family (if they get a problem like mine) come here to solve their problems. Its safe and clean!” ."